To Do:

There are so many things I want to do, but I don’t know how to start.

They travel through on a cycle that seems like a never-ending sphere of defeat.

They begin always as a simple task, phone calls and lists, bathing and chores.

Even those easy things pile up until I cannot see light anymore.

I want to shake myself. Scold myself into motion.

I try to look into the mirror, give myself a talk.

Instead I am trapped by a fantasy of smashing that wretched thing.

Then there are the lists;

Piles of lists about making a list on how to start a LIST!

I feel like shouting out obscenities, but that isn’t on The List.

So, I go research how more productive folks actually accomplish simple shit.

All I find out is that they just Do It.

Sometimes I really wish that I could smoke a joint or drink a bottle of whiskey, not a big bottle, maybe a pint.

Then I remember…

Jesus, Erin, just fucking breath!

I should put that on the list.


4 thoughts on “To Do:

  1. This is so freaking awesome, I loved this line, “I want to shake myself. Scold myself into motion.” Because I know exactly how that feels! “Jesus, Erin, just fucking breath!” that made me laugh out loud. Love this poem!


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