Why does it seem so much easier to quit things that are good for me, instead of those activities which would harm me?

Why is it that much easier to train myself in negativity and accept the outcome readily?

Why does my creativity take me through such difficulties that I’m compelled to abandon projects to mediocrity, unpolished, loose ends hanging idle, punctuated poorly and grammatically incorrect?

What is it that causes my mind to jump from one medium to the next with such minimal regret until that too is left quite unfinished?

When did it all begin?

When will it work out?

Why can I not be satisfied with only one creative enterprise?

Perhaps im being too harsh and it isn’t so terrible to not finish what I start?

Then, maybe it’s another disguise for all the inadequacy I feel inside. Maybe creativity is merely a tool that I use to bend and skew my reality into something more aesthetically pleasing.

Possibly, just another piece to the dissociative nature of me.


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