Returning from break

February 15, 2017


I haven’t really been writing much the last several weeks and I’ve tried some, posted sporadically here and there. I’ve had a lot on my mind, but I needed to take a break from writing. Sometimes the best thing for me in stressful times is to quiet the chaos in my mind.

Writing has always been an escape and a way of coping, at the same time, it can perpetuate the noise in my head, creating more questions than answers for me. So, I needed to be still and quiet. I needed to create in other ways that would help me to focus exclusively on the task at hand. And I have, and I am happy with the outcome. After my break, I feel compelled to create in several ways, which is not unusual. What is unusual is that I’m seeking a balance of both, instead of either-or.

I am going to court tomorrow for custody of my son. Even though it is uncontested and I don’t believe his father will show up, I still feel nervous. I have no doubts that everything will turn out fine. It’s just one of those things in life that makes you feel as though you’re holding your breath until it passes, then life will resume as normal.

After tomorrow I will try to be more active in the WordPress community again. I will try to share the other ways in which I’ve been spending my time because I so appreciate my fellow bloggers and all the beautiful insight and perspective you all offer. I appreciate your creativity and your opinions. And I so appreciate your support.



3 thoughts on “Returning from break

    1. Thank you. Things didn’t go as expected, but shame on me for ever setting myself up with expectations. I haven’t been able to focus on anything but my boy and taking notes for the next court hearing. I’m disappointed but we move onward and upward. Thank you friend.


      1. Sorry to hear that Erin. Its heartbreaking when sensitive issues like this get delayed in court. I am familiar with the disappointments through my own experience, and still continue through that process even in the present. Its worst when kids are involved. Hopefully resolutions are not too far. You take care, and hopefully things work out for you at the next court hearing.

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