Baby Steps

I have been absent for quite some time. Not that I expect anyone to care or have noticed. I post and write mostly for the therapeutic value. I believe that if only one person reads my words and can take away something that they find useful, helpful or beautiful, then my effort and struggle will have been worthwhile.

I suffer from severe chronic depression and anxiety, and therefore I have difficulty, sometimes, coping with and processing some experiences. Several months ago I had an experience, or series of experiences, that caused me to feel a great deal of guilt, shame and resentment. I withdrew from the things I loved; writing and creating, reading and exploring, feeling and growing.

I may write about that experience some time, but not today. Today, I want to take one step closer to what helps me feel a part of this world. One step toward a goal. A dream. A life lived fully without fear and shame and guilt.


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