A response to “Dear white friends: racism is slightly more complex than what you learned about in primary school” by Michelle Weber

A very well thought out response the the essay I reblogged previously. I strongly agree with so many points the author made in response to the original article. I especially agree that it was shameful and degrading how Dr. King and Rosa Parks were described. Dr. King is a hero of mine and it saddened me to hear him spoken of so poorly and diminutively, having given his life to the betterment of all peoples.

I have to say, we were not taught the deviating atrocious bit of American history in elementary school because, let’s face it, children are unable and unequipped to comprehend those horrible situations in our history. I would have broken for sure if I was exposed to those evils, and as it is, I was exposed to a different kind of evil that nearly destroyed me.

There are many other points I agree with, but I’m unable to respond to. I feel like crap right now. I loved the piece and definitely agree with most of the responses. I like to read many view points and internally debate them. Thank you for inviting me to read your essay.


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