I’m Erin. This endeavor is completely new to me. I definitely missed the starting gun for the wonderful world of blogging and blogs. I pretty much missed the ship, and every ship thereafter, on its way to the World Wide Web and have suffered the consequences. I feel like a ridiculous person because of my extraordinary ignorance in the realm of technology, in general.

I decided it would be to my benefit to step outside of my very comfortable, yet lazy, zone in the name of progress. However, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I do know that I need desperately to do something different and I need a steady creative outlet. I have very many creative outlets, all of which I have invested time and money into. Some I enjoyed, others I did not, but I have a rather short attention span so, things don’t get finished. It’s pretty annoying. I get very irritated with myself.

I started this blog because, after all of the crap that I’ve been through, either because of the actions of others or as a direct result of my own choices, I believe I have something to say. In fact, I’m certain I have a lot to say. It may even be of some use for someone¬†else who may be just as lost as I was, and still am at times. My goal is to assist myself in the healing process. If i manage to assist another through their struggle I will be grateful.

Also, all poems, articles, and all photos have been created solely by me. Any written work and photography not belonging to me will be appropriately credited. Thanks for stopping by.