To A Friend

I had a very good friend when I was in high school. We didn’t become very close until junior year, towards the end, I think. Our senior year we were nearly inseparable, and so, we carried on outside of school, after graduating, in the same way.

We were exactly what the other needed, for a time, until we became each other’s destruction, in a sense. She was my dearest, closest friend for a while. We got into trouble, the kind that, if caught, would lead to serious consequences. We had so much fun, and yet, we shared so much heartache.

As the years went by, we grew further apart and farther away from one another. In a way, we became like poison to each other, though we didn’t realize. We each went in different, yet equally destructive directions, in relationships, in life in general.

It took me a long time to realize how very important and influential that relationship was, in terms of future decisions and the direction in which I went. I know that what we learned together and from one another was completely necessary, in both positive and negative situations. It helped shape me into who I am. And I’m positive our relationship and adventures did the same for her.

I’ve lost touch with my friend for many years. There was a time when I would attempt to be apart of her world again, and I longed for our spirits to be reunited. Then, it hit me… we served a purpose for each other, for a time, but that time had passed. I mourned my friendship.

I will always have a place in my heart for a girl who helped me, loved me, accepted me and understood me. I still love that girl dearly, but the woman she is today is a total stranger. But it’s ok.

I thought of my friend today because it is her 35th birthday today and I always say, “Happy Birthday, Katie” to the Universe for her and make my gratitude known. I found a poem she wrote in one of my journals, so, I will share it here. And wish my dear friend a happy birthday, wherever she may be. ♥


Boy, Boy   Written By: Katie Turner 2000

Boy, boy in the night

Kiss the girls and turn to fright.

Boy, boy where did you go?

I’m all alone out here in the snow.

It’s cold and I’m lonely.

Why don’t you love me?

Boy? Boy? It was over so quick.

I do believe you made me sick.

Boy, boy, you said it was love.

You called me your one sweet dove.

I was lonely and you said you cared,

But now you’ve left me, so sad and scared.

Boy, boy, don’t laugh at me.

Now it’s over and I can see,

Boy, oh boy, look at me now,

And you can see exactly how,

A cold, lonely girl you left so fast,

Has shown you how she got the last laugh.

♥ Happy Birthday, Dear Friend ♥



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